Board Certification

Why Does

It Matter?


Attorney Ben Wurtzel is a Florida Bar Board-Certified Criminal Trial Attorney.

Board-Certification is the highest level of any measure of competency of an attorney in Florida, and is only given to about 7% of eligible attorneys in the state.

Board-Certification is granted by the Florida Bar, the governing and licensing agency for all attorneys in the state of Florida.  Attorneys can not simply pay for this distinction, but rather must demonstrate expertise in the field of criminal trial law in the following ways:

·         Practice law for a minimum of at least five years;

·         Demonstrate substantial involvement in the specialty of criminal trial law;

·        Have handled at least 25 criminal cases, with 20 jury trials, tried to a verdict, 15 of which involved a felony, and 10 as lead counsel

·         Pass satisfactory peer review of competence in criminal trial law, as well as character, ethics, and professionalism in the practice of law;

·         Satisfy the continuing legal education requirements for criminal trial law; and

·         Pass the Florida Bar’s written certification exam in the area of criminal trial law.


When faced with criminal charges, it is critical to have an attorney with a proven record of knowledge, training, and specialization in the defense of criminal cases.  At Wurtzel Law, attorney Benjamin D. Wurtzel has the experience and dedication to criminal trial law to effectively and thoroughly defend your case and protect your future.

Board certification recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice.
— The Florida Bar